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I'm Taku

Hi, I'm Taku and I need your help!


Taku is the ambassador of the “Forest Planting Movement” by The Taku mascot is inspired by the flower that sprouts on the Cadamba tree.

Cadamba Flower

The Cadamba flower emits a sweetly fragrance that is highly sought after as a perfume ingredient.

HOW YOU CAN HELP is committed to find a balance in forest preservation while maintaining sustainable forestry-related economies. We have already replanted 50,000 trees on deforested lands and are looking to achieve our target of replanting 1,000,000 trees in next 10 years. is a small startup with limited capital. We need your help to sponsor Cadamba trees in order to achieve our target at a much faster pace. You can donate as little as RM100 (USD25) to replant 13 Cadamba trees over a period of 14 years.


Our Partners

Our Partners focuses its replanting efforts on deforested lands to ensure that existing rainforests remain protected.

The opportunity to give back is now. Help us to bring Mother Earth back to its green glory.

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