Frequently Asked Questions

Who is is the environmental arm for Arbor Vana Pte Ltd. The sole purpose of is to develop methodologies and activities focused on making actual environmental impact.

How many trees have been planted?

Together with our partners, have planted around 50,000 trees in various locations to date. These include places like Cambodia, North and Central Malaysia.

How is the planting of trees carried out?

We work with partners across Southeast Asia who look into plantation land for reforestation projects. For every RM100 (USD25) donated, we plant 1 tree. After 7 years and the first harvest, we replant 3 trees in return. This means for your RM100 (USD25) donation, we plant 13 trees over 14 years.

When do we plant the trees?

We already have a cycle for planting trees, and it is done during the monsoon season. This is when the soil provides optimum conditions for the trees' survival.

What type of trees are planted?

We specialize and focus on the Cadamba tree, a lightweight hardwood. Cadamba wood is commonly used in a variety of applications such as ceiling boards, light construction material, plywood, veneer, pencil making, match splints, pulp wood for paper, packing cases, crates, etc. When properly seasoned and treated, Cadamba wood is also used for furniture, flooring, toys, tea-chests, carvings, etc.

Do you provide any Corporate Social Responsibility programs?

Yes, we do work with other businesses who want to contribute to a greener and healthier planet. We can even arrange programs together with companies for team-building initatives, whilst educating the importance and benefits for reforestation.

How do I know the trees are planted?

When planting takes place, we will update donors with the location of the trees, along with photos and additional information. This includes details such as community engagements, survival rate, date of planting and ecological benefits.

Will I get proof of my contribution?

We issue a digital certificate for your contribution. We greatly appreciate your kindness for giving to a great cause.